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Enhancing Dining Experiences

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SERVED is a concept for an iOS app designed to improve people’s overall dining experience at restaurants. This project is focused on a new standard, which is to enhance dining experiences from your phone. SERVED provides users with a convenient, easy, and reliable way to order food at restaurants from their phones


The unprecedented time we are living in, I realized that a restaurant ordering experience can be enhanced without jeopardizing people’s dining experience. Smartphone applications are used by individuals daily, therefore introducing a product where you can easily do everything in one place could amplify reach, inspire customers, cut costs and save time.


How might we help people enhance dining experiences at restaurants by innovating traditional menus?



To improve customer experiences when ordering at restaurants by :

  •  Innovate traditional menus to order food at restaurants (no more print menus)

  • Improve how customers are being served, letting them choose when is the right time for them.

  • Let customers choose to pay or split the bill in the best way for them and their party better without the wait or the pressure to do so.

I believe that by innovating traditional menus will conveniently enhance individuals ordering experiences at restaurants this will increase the turnover and customer satisfaction

design process

Persona + Experience Map

Primary Persona .png

User Research 

What makes a great dining experience? Was one of the principal questions that helped me prove my hypothesis.

The research was arguably the most important phase in the whole design process, as the subsequent design was based on this. I conducted interviews with five people that helped me identify themes and pain points. 

Task Flow

Ordering food at your favourite restaurant just became pain-free!

SERVED's main purpose is to allow the user order from a digital menu once the user is seated at the table. Then the user would be able to make modifications, check preparation time, manage the bill and self-pay.

Typography Copy.png
Task analysis Copy.png
Experience map.png



My first approach to start ideating was pen and paper to develop the concept and features. 


The process was continuous, the name and the logo had several iterations. I wanted a name that was common for the user and that describes the app's purpose. SERVED was easy and commonly used and reflected on the core task of the app that is 'to get food served easily'.


Based on my interview findings the persona and the experience map reflect the frustrations, motivations, pain points and goals on the end-user. These thoughts and ideas helped me determine the overall design of the app.


The design process described above resulted in a high-fidelity prototype of the app made using Sketch and InVision.The GIF shows the main flow of the app evidencing the use of the visual identity, colours and typography. 

Last added features: 

  • Name of the product

  • Location permission access 

  • Waiter CTA interaction

  • Order status screen 

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